May 21 2003 - by jengelh
So much new components, let us call it Jhwctl v2.0. It has the long proposed PCSP interface and QPF parser, probably a VGA font editor and COM port access. As subprojects, a libTMET is on development too, for the telemtric interface of Conrad Electronics.
I have not changed anything in the CVS yet, sorry.

March 21 2003 - by jengelh
Development on libSIOS has started.
So far I have mastered anything needed to do CVS, so is the jhwctl and libsios files are in the CVS tree.

March 14 2003 - by jengelh
Depending on whether I will be able to understand CVS, I might put newest files there, or if I do not, it will appear as a file release.
And yes, the "libsios" thing on the bar did not work, fixed.

Load up - Feb 08 2003 - by jengelh
Finally got around to make a homepage for this, and I think it looks nice.

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